Why choose ReoPik?

Reopik provides professional and reliable pickup services for all your unused stuff. Scheduling a pickup using Reopik.com is super easy. You get rewarded and we take care of ensuring proper recycling of all the stuff.


How to request a pickup?

Currently, you can schedule a pickup through our website. Start by typing your information on order page and proceed to schedule a pickup.


Can I cancel / reschedule my scheduled pickup?

The pickup request can be modified 24 hours prior to the actual pickup time. Just login to our site and cancel or reschedule your pickup.


 Are there any hidden costs/charges?

There are absolutely no hidden charges. On the contrary, get handsomely rewarded every time you let us serve you.


Why don’t you allow price negotiations?

We believe, we offer very competitive, if not the best, rates to all our customers. If you feel we need to revise our rates for a particular item, please send us an email stating your reasoning.


Can I get paid in cash?

YES, for cash less than ₹500, cash more than ₹500 will be will be given in the form of
Cheque-leaf or bank transfer under the company name Reopik environment private limited.


Are there any cost for scheduling a pickup?

There is absolutely no cost for scheduling a pickup.


Are there any refunds / returns?

There is no return or refund of items once picked up by Reopik.


Will I get a receipt of the items that I have sold?

Of course. We provide with a detailed receipt of the items that we have picked up from you along with the weight and cost break up for every class of items through SMS. More ever, all of your transaction would be can be viewed online into your account within 2 working days. We maintain full transparency in all of our transactions.


How can I track my request?

You can see all of your scheduled pickups in your account. We send you an SMS for every pickup scheduled and once again on the day when our person will be visiting you for pickup.


How do I identify Reopik pickup person?

All our pickup staff hold a valid ID card.


Is there any minimum weight requirement for scheduling a pickup?

Currently, there is no weight restriction for scheduling a pickup.


What weighing gauge you are using?

We use digital and completely certified weighing gauges.


What happens to the items that I have sold?

All the items collected by us undergo recycling process. Thus, it benefits everyone – you, us, recycler and of course the environment.


What is E-Waste? What items come under E-Waste?

We accept old electrical and electronic items. These include personal computers, laptops, mouse, key boards, mobile phones, telephones, fax machines, copiers, printers, washing machines, dryers, cables & wires, microphones, refrigerators, air-conditioners, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, inverters, televisions, VCR/DVD/CD players, CD’s , music systems, radios, drills, electric saws, sewing machines, lawn mowers, electronic toys, vehicle batteries . Due to current regulations, we do not accept hazardous items like fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps, tube lights, CFLs and electrical bulbs.


What items do you not accept?

We take almost every item that comes under solid dry and recyclable category. Some items, however are not recyclable, thus are not accepted by us. Following is a partial list of items that we do not accept: Broken glass, tube lights, bulbs, CFL Lamps and any other solids containing hazardous or toxic material etc. Based on our learnings, we have also stopped taking any kind of polythene bags/covers and milk covers due to improper segregation of items by most users and/or unclean/incomplete drying of items.


Contact Us

If you have any other questions, please contact us. Please put an appropriate subject in the email.
Contact information: support@reopik.com


How do you weigh and pay for bulky e-waste items?

Considering the difficulty we have in weighing heavy and bulky e-waste items and the fact that many of these items have non-recyclable parts (like stones), we have fixed recyclable weights as under:
a. Front Loading Washing Machine –₹500/piece
b. Top Loading Washing Machine –₹300/piece
c. Refrigerator (Single door) –₹500-600/piece
d. Refrigerator (Double door) –₹600-800/piece
e. Window AC –₹30 kg
f. Split AC –₹20 kg
g. Television – ₹ 150 /Piece