Just Click & Order Us!!

It’s easy to order us for picking your scrap. You just need to fill the details of your order, and make a click. That is it and we will do the rest.

  • Go to order us page
  • Fill the Details of your Pick
  • Click the Order Us Button

Here Comes, REO!!

On your order, the ReoGuy will come to pick your scrap on your desired and scheduled time and location.

  • We will come to Pick your scraps
  • You just be comfortable and Don’t worry.

Segregate & Pick Up

All you need to do is to show Reoguy the scrap. Reoguy will segregate , weigh and collect the scrap.

  • Show him the scrap.
  • He will segregate.
  • Weigh, pack and Pick.

Get Paid

Once done with all, the Reo will pay you the prices for what you just sold to us, instantly. You don’t need to bargain and face a mess with the vendor, as the prices are already fixed just when you placed the order.

  • You will be paid for what you sell at the best prices, even instantly.